Prototypes and MVPs

This page contains any/all prototypes and minimal viable projects I’ve created over the years that are incomplete or never finished due to various of reasons. Some of these projects became real games or have plans to be expanded further. If you are interested in anything here, please email me at

All projects here are released “as-is”.

Most, if not all of these projects are Win32 apps!!

Crawler’s Den

This small game was to experiment a framework I was developing at the time using the Leadwerks Game Engine. The engine at this time (2015) was a very Lua focused engine and the idea was to re-create the sample content using C++. The entire game is done using C++ with Lua only acting as a bridge for I/O

You can download and play “Crawler’s Den” here! You might need OpenAL installed which you can also find here.


A horde survival Source Engine mod in which the player (player’s if it was multiplayer) would need to defend a target from a swarm of bug. Due to resource issues, I was stuck with models from previous Source Engine games.

You can download and install “Infestation” as a source mod here.


A first person puzzler in which the player launches power balls at boxes to manipulate their properties. This project started in late 2013 and continued until 2016. This project stared on the Source Engine and then was experimented with Leadwerks.

The Source Engine version and it’s source code was released as an example of the Enhanced-Source project on Github. You can download and play the Leadwerks demo from here. (You might need OpenAL installed which you can also find here.)